Terrific Book Tuesday: The Widow’s Captive by Lucette Nel

  The Widow’s Captive by Lucette Nel    Alright, so this is a “Christmas” novella and I am reviewing it in March. Despite the fact I think Christmas should be celebrated year-round, this book is not so wholly centered around Christmas as to be a Christmas season only read.   The Widow’s Captive is the… Continue reading Terrific Book Tuesday: The Widow’s Captive by Lucette Nel

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WCW: Creating Well-Rounded Characters – Dark Moment Stories

How do you create a character readers can connect with? It takes more than actions. Heroes and heroines need a past. Read on to find out how to create resonating histories for your characters.


TBT: To Catch a Counterfeiter – Pt 2 – The Informant

Infiltrating a tight-knit gang of highly suspicious counterfeiters is impossible… unless you have an “in”. Someone who can vouch for you.

Enter the informant.

Could you be a criminal informant? Check out pt. 2 of the “Catch a Counterfeiter” blog series.

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ACFW March New Book Releases

March 2017 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Contemporary Romance: Reunion at Crane Lake by Robin Bayne — Colt’s memory is returning after the accident that ended his career. Now he wants to take over his family’s inn, but he’ll have to partner with… Continue reading ACFW March New Book Releases

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WCW: Developing Well-Rounded Characters – Positive and Negative Traits

What draws you into a book? Is it the thrilling plot? The sizzling romance? The comical situations? Or is it something more?

Read to find out how using positive and negative traits can create well-rounded characters.