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Newsletters: An Important Way To Support Authors

You’ve seen it from every author or business out there, “Join my newsletter!” In fact,  your box is probably riddled with newsletters you don’t open. I know I am very selective about the ones I join and unsubscribe when I can no longer handle the mess of my inbox.


Yet as I continue on this journey of writing and supporting other authors, I have learned the importance of newsletters, especially to new or aspiring authors.




The publishing world is constantly pressing authors to build a platform and network with readers. Start a Facebook page, Tweet on Twitter, Pin on Pinterest, Insta (?) on Instagram. Okay, so Instagram isn’t my thing, but you get the point. Top on industry professionals’ want list? You guessed it, newsletter subscribers.


Newsletter subscribers mean you have a dedicated following of people who want to know your updates, promotions, or other little odds and ends.  Having a good number of subscribers is a huge deal for authors just getting their start, so subscribing to author newsletters is a fantastic way to support authors.


In this increasingly competitive market, I want to know:

What makes you open a newsletter? What are you newsletter pet peeves? What do you wish newsletters had in them? 


Comment below and be entered to win a Love Inspired Suspense novel from my “Giveaway Stash.” (Open to comments from 9/17/17 to midnight EST on 9/25/17.)



If you haven’t guessed it, I am taking my first foray into the newsletter world. Beginning the month of October, I am going to send out a monthly newsletter with a fun digital freebie, a glimpse into my chaotic life, brief notes about my journey to publishing, what is on the top of my TBR pile, and a prayer for you. If you would be interested in signing up and trying it out (you can unsubscribe and it won’t hurt my feelings), click on this link. As a bonus, if you sign up, I will give you my top ten favorite jokes. Cheesy, I know, but who doesn’t like a good laugh?

6 thoughts on “Newsletters: An Important Way To Support Authors

  1. I don’t know how to do a newsletter. But what I think would be cool, is a tidbit of a future book, fun facts about characters, something the author has done or learned since the last newsletter. Pictures of something interesting. And maybe support for an author they enjoy!


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