March Madness

For all my reader friends out there, check out this March Madness! I am not a sports fan but I can get behind this!

BBH Fiction

Dear Readers,

March madness is upon us.  At Baker Book House, we don’t hide from it, we embrace the madness.  Well sort of.  We twist it to be all about book madness and your favorite reads and authors.  Books that released in the past year and have really struck a note with us.  Ones we know made an impact on not only us, but fellow readers.

FICTION was the winning genre  in 2017, thank you Susie Finkbeiner, and I hope to make it two in a row.  Go to this link* and vote for your favorite FICTION book, okay you can vote for other also, but don’t forget FICTION first.  Keep voting and cheering your favorite fiction books to the winning bracket.

Each time your book wins a round and moves on the discount gets bigger.  Really want to purchase a favorite FICTION book, vote it into the next round…

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