Book Review Scale

To have a better understanding of my new rating scale, please see below:

icons-1293736_640    I finished the book but did not particularly enjoy it.

icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640 I finished the book and thought it was okay, but I will not read it again.

icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640 This was a good book that kept my interest. I may or may not read it again. I might recommend it to certain friends, but not everyone.

icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640 I liked this book. It had an enjoyable plot and characters and there is a possibility I will read it again.  I would recommend it to my friends.

icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640 I really liked this book. It was engaging and made me sacrifice either sleep time to finish or adult responsibilities, like cleaning the house. I will read it again and will probably eventually purchase a copy if I do not own it already.

icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640 This book was AMAZING, probably one of the best books I have ever read. I will come back to read it over and over again and will definitely purchase a copy, even a full price. I will brag about this book and force my friends to read it, even against their will.