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What to Write Next?

As I approach the end of editing my first book (EEK!!) I am looking to the next book. What will I write? Will I continue with the next book in the series? Or will I write a different series I already have in mind? Or should I begin something new and completely stand-alone?    … Continue reading What to Write Next?

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Reader Resolutions

  The first week of January is already almost behind us. How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? I have moved away from making resolutions and have instead taken up the One Word idea (choosing one word to be my focus for this year). But that doesn’t mean I haven’t made goals for… Continue reading Reader Resolutions

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Newsletters: An Important Way To Support Authors

You’ve seen it from every author or business out there, “Join my newsletter!” In fact, ¬†your box is probably riddled with newsletters you don’t open. I know I am very selective about the ones I join and unsubscribe when I can no longer handle the mess of my inbox.   Yet as I continue on… Continue reading Newsletters: An Important Way To Support Authors