TBT: To Catch a Counterfeiter – Pt. 1 – the Challenges

The Secret Service started out as an organization to catch counterfeiters. How did they reduce counterfeiting from the most prominent criminal activity in the United States prior to the Civil War to a spattering of successful occurrences by 1900? Check out my new series, “To Catch a Counterfeiter” and find out if you have what it took to bring a criminal ring down.

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TBT: Secret Service Operatives – the Early Days

  The Secret Service history dates back to the Civil War when they were informally created to detect, investigate, and arrest counterfeiters. The early days were fraught with detectives who had less than ethical standards and tactics that disregarded the rights of a citizen. In less than ten years after its establishment, a reformation was… Continue reading TBT: Secret Service Operatives – the Early Days